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Water Treatment Solutions

Boiler Water

What does a one day shutdown of a boiler cost your plant? What does one hour cost? What does overall inefficiency of your boiler cost your plant over time? As crucial parts of many production processes and systems, maintaining your boilers integrity and efficiency is essential.

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Cooling Water

Whether you work with a cooling system, cooling water, or closed loops in comfort/commercial cooling or process cooling in industrial production, ControlChem can help you design a program that will meet all of your cooling water system needs.

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Municipal Water

We know that improving the drinking water quality for communities is a major goal of regional and local municipalities everywhere. ControlChem provides innovative and safe, customer focused programs designed to meet drinking water quality goals and operational efficiency.

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Process Water

Lime slurry additives, additives for mining in potash, coal and gold facilities.

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Because of environmental concerns and strict regulations governing wastewater, the stakes of non-compliance are severe and expensive. With our safe and effective solutions, ControlChem can help you to comply.

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To support our client treatment packages and allow for one-stop shopping, ControlChem offers a number of basic inorganic treatments to the market.

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We offer cleaners for various applications to enhance system or treatment performance.

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Explore our additional products products and services.

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Industries Served

  • Automotive

  • HVAC

  • Food & Beverage

  • Chemical Processing

  • Metal & Plastic Finishing

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Power Generation

  • Municipal

  • Commercial

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Mining Applications

  • Industrial Laundry

Discover more about​ how ControlChem can help you achieve real results in your water treatment programs.

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