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Water is important.

Effective water treatment is essential.

Our people. Your team.


We are your friendly, knowledgeable, "in-house experts", providing you with effective Water Treatment and Water Solutions.

Our clients experience new levels of success through long lasting relationships built on trust, integrity and ControlChem's effective Water Treatment and Water Solutions. In our partnership, ControlChem will provide the leadership to achieve with you:

  • Best Value in the industry

  • Return on investment programs

  • Information on how to solve current problems

  • Advice on avoiding future problems

  • Legionella risk management programs

  • Cost Reduction Programs

Green Approach Water Treatment Programs.

 Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.




 Delivering & Handling

 Aspects and Impacts


ControlChem Green Approach Logo

Companies who use industrial water treatment typically use large amounts of water and energy. When it comes to the environment and doing our part, we are simply offering to do yours.

Let us work with you to review ControlChem’s Green Approach Water Treatment Programs – CHECKLIST:

Green Approach Tree
Green Approach
ControlChem Service Report
ControlChem Connect Laptop

Our Advanced Online Reporting Platform.


We understand you are busy. Receive your Service Reports by email, or log  on to ControlChem Connect. While you are logged in, you will also be able to access MSDS' and SDS', Product Bulletins and more at your convenience.


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Quality Certified

ISO 9001:2015.


More than a certificate, being ISO 9001 certified is our commitment to our Clients and Industry. We use the Seven Quality Management Principles as defined by ISO to guide our company towards constant improvement:

  • Customer Focus

  • Leadership

  • Engagement of People

  • Process Approach

  • Improvement

  • Evidence-Based Decision Making

  • Relationship Management

Environmentally Responsible

ISO 14001.


ISO 14001 is a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long term environmental impacts of an organisation’s products, services and processes. As a result of decades of work, Control Chem’s plants are now near zero waste facilities.

ControlChem ISO Quality
ControlChem ISO Environmental

Water Treatment Research & Development


Our clients benefit from cutting edge developments in the water treatment industry and client-specific research and development. Unlike other water treatment companies, ControlChem’s research and development services are available to our customers directly through our team of Field Representatives.

It’s all part of our belief that from proper research, testing, development and verification, we can deliver valuable results for our clients:

  • Most efficient solutions

  • Improved productivity

  • System optimization

Contact us today.

Learn more about our treatment solutions and industries served.

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