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ControlChem: Water Treatment Chemicals | Wastewater, Boiler, Cooling, Industrial Effluent and Sewage Water Treatment

Water is important. Effective water treatment is essential. ControlChem is your water treatment chemicals partner, providing expert boiler, cooling and wastewater solutions. Our friendly, knowledgeable team of professionals provides clients with water treatment solutions that prevent costly down-time, premature replacement of equipment, process inefficiencies, and environmental violations. Call ControlChem at 1.866.882.2436 today!

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Boiler Water Treatment Chemical

Boilers are a crucial part of many production processes and systems. Whether your boiler is a firetube, watertube or modern high heat flux unit, maintaining your boilers integrity and efficiency is essential. Boilers properly maintained with ControlChem water treatment, solutions will sustain proper heat transfer, last longer, reduce operating costs, improve your return on investment and ultimately ensure your plant can make product. To have one of our technical field representatives visit your facility, call 1.866.882.2436 today!

Cooling Water Treatment Chemical

For your boiler, cooling and waste water systems, our water treatment solutions are designed to ensure that your manufacturing process and environmental issues are efficiently maintained, leading to increased productivity, energy efficiency, longer equipment life, a maximum return on your investment and regulatory compliance of discharge. Call 1.866.882.2436 today!

Effluent Treatment Chemical

ControlChem understands the importance of following extremely strict effluent guidelines to ensure the process of re-introducing water back to the environment is a safe and healthy practice. To have one of our Technical Field Representatives visit to help you effectively manage and improve your industrial water cycles, phone 1.866.882.2436 today!

Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals

The control of odors in industrial wastewater systems is a problem throughout the world. Odors from decomposing organic waste threaten to create areas, near treatment facilities, where people don't want to live or work. For more information or to have one of our Expert Field Technicians visit your facility call 1.866.882.2436 today!

Sewage Treatment Chemical

Environmental by-laws are designed to prohibit, regulate and control discharges into natural bodies of water, sanitary and storm sewers. ControlChem's specialty, safe and effective water treatment, utilizes specifically engineered waste water treatment programs and customer focused solutions. To have one of our expert field technicians visit your facility call 1.866.882.2436 today!

Waste Water Treatment Chemical

At ControlChem, we know that improving the drinking water quality for communities is a major goal of regional and local municipalities everywhere. We also know that any assistance we can bring to help municipalities remove water contaminants and minimize capital and operating costs ultimately benefits both the municipality and the community. Call 1.866.882.2436 to learn how our expertise enables us to address the water treatment needs of municipalities.

Wastewater Management Chemicals

ControlChem's engineered waste water treatment programs and solutions assist you in reliably removing pollutants, minimizing sludge handling, reducing disposal costs, improving wastewater quality, recycling and environmental compliance. Learn more by calling 1.866.882.2436 today!

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Some industrial wastewater can be treated in-house by bleeding into the continuous wastewater treatment system that is processing the rinses, and floor water. However, some will require special procedures to treat where batch treatment may be the solution. Still some solutions may be disposed of more cost-effectively off-site versus treatment. Your ControlChem Team can help you make choices that will provide the most complete and cost-effective program. Learn more by calling 1.866.882.2436 today!

Water Treatment Chemical Supplier

At ControlChem, we know all too well the importance of water in your industrial or commercial facility. That is why we have spent years perfecting a successful approach to treating water effectively, and are now recognized as the water treatment solutions experts. To have one of our expert field technicians visit your facility call 1.866.882.2436 today!

Water Treatment Chemicals

ControlChem is your water treatment partner, providing expert boiler, cooling and wastewater water treatment chemical solutions. Call 1.866.882.2436 to learn how ControlChem can provide you with cost-effective solutions today!

For wastewater, boiler, cooling, industrial effluent and sewage water treatment chemicals and solutions, contact ControlChem at 1.866.882.2436 today!

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