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Odor Control

The control of odors in industrial wastewater systems is a problem throughout the world. Odors from decomposing organic waste threaten to create areas, near treatment facilities, where people don't want to live or work.

The atmosphere discourages human activities of every kind, and because wind bears the odor away from treatment facilities, the areas affected by the plume of noxious odors can be quite large. Therefore, the neutralizing the odors from waste streams is not only environmentally virtuous, but provides goodwill in the community.

ControlChem provides a wealth of solutions designed to neutralize the noxious odors that emanate from wastewater treatment sites. These non hazardous, non pathogenic, treatments can help clean and deodorize water streams, stimulate decomposition of organic wastes, prevent solidification in holding tanks and effectively control odors.

For more information or to have one of our Expert Field Technicians visit your facility call 1.866.882.2436 or email info@controlchem.com.

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