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Metal and Plastics Finishing

We know that increased global completion and constantly evolving environmental regulations are forcing the finishing industry to look for innovated ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, and meet environmental regulations.

Our expertise in Water Treatment, Water Solutions for the environmental control of heavy metals, phosphates, oils and suspended solids will provide answers to these essential needs.

At one time removing finishing contaminants in the waste streams was relatively easy to do, but today’s advanced finishing technologies require better engineered treatment programs.

The nearly universal use of metal complexing agents has made simple hydroxide precipitation much less effective as a solution for metals removal.

ControlChem provides solutions that will:

  • remove oil & grease
  • remove phosphates
  • remove suspended solids



As a partner, we work with you to formulate solutions that yield energy savings, reduced waste, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.  For more information or to have one of our Technical Field Representatives visit your facility call 1.866.882.2436 or email info@controlchem.com.

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