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Circuit Board

We know that demand for more complex electronics coupled with the severe competition domestic plants face in the global economy, necessitates a knowledgeable water treatment solutions partner, one who understands the Circuit Board business environment -ControlChem does.

Our experience tells us that in order to remain competitive, that the costs of environmental compliance must be intelligently managed, and at the same time minimized.

We understand that circuit board manufacturing involves the formation of a circuit pattern of conductive metal (usually copper) on non-conductive board aterials such as plastic or glass.

The general processes of circuit board manufacturing include the following:

  • Laminate machining
  • Cleaning and surface preparation
  • Electroless plating
  • Pattern printing and masking
  • Electroplating
  • Etching


Water is used for cleaning, rinsing, spray rinsing, spill clean-up, solution replenishment, and cooling of equipment used in the manufacture of circuit boards. Rinses contain small amounts of the previous chemical bath that the board was dipped in, such as cleaner solutions, copper plating bath, and resist. If the chemical bath preceding rinsing was acidic (used to activate the surface for plating), the rinse water may also contain copper and/or lead that has been solubilized.

Spills to the floor may occur during the transfer of circuit boards from the chemical baths to the rinse tank. This water, along with rinse waters are collected in a floor pit/sump which transfers this water to a continuous wastewater treatment system.

Spent solutions also need to be dealt with. Many of these can be treated in-house by bleeding into the continuous wastewater treatment system that is processing the rinses, and floor water. However, some will require special procedures to treat  where batch treatment may be the solution. Still some solutions may be disposed of more cost-effectively off-site versus treatment.

Your ControlChem Team can help you make choices that will provide the most complete and cost-effective program.

ControlChem has developed a line of product specifically for treating waste water generated by the Circuit Board Industry.  For more information or to have one of our Technical Field Representatives visit your facility call 1.866.882.2436 or email info@controlchem.com.

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